Coleman 1964-50th Class Reunion-Aug 15-16th

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Picture and celebration of 50th reunion 2014

The following link is for the photographers (Picture by Jim Plansky 715-923-3735  pictures: 

Left to Right  Back row 4th:
Gordon Patz, Jay Krause, David Rakowski, Tom Rhode, Norman Bastian, Stephen Glass, Allen Lesperance, Dennis Krejcarek, Harold Peterson, Ron Lepianka, Dan Meyer

Left to Right 3rd Row:  Carole Stodola Disparti, Jeanne Kalbes Lesperance, Mary Jackson Peterson, Kathy Olson Bader, Retha Bunker Wallman, Betty Cudnofhusky Gross, Cathy Konop Menard, Eleanore Patz Gusick, Gloria Maloney Gusick, Patsy Leitzke Stibbe, Janet Jensen Lueck, Deanne Krejcarek Brosig, Ray Podoski, Jerry Champagne, Mr. David Bloch

Left to Right 2nd Row:
Ms Weinbrecher Williamson, Jean Holly Wille, Patti Thomson Carrier, Karen Will, Ann Wilting Darrow, Pat Behrend Marshall, Sharon Klatkiewicz Asplund, Sharon Miller Pillath, Joanne Krause Dodd, Louise White Reinhold, Darrol Krejcarek, Mr. Leo Heiptas

Left to Right 1st Row:
Matt Sokol, Dennis Rysewyk, Jon Carlson, Russell Martens, Jeanne Walters Harper, Bill Mongin, Pat Krause Vonderharr, Gary Baenen, Bob Mongin

The Coleman Class of 1964 celebrated their 50th Reunion at Cheers in Coleman on Friday night, Station House in Coleman on Saturday noon and the Best Western on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  Mr. Andrew Kaufman, teacher for Coleman School District, led the tour of the school on Saturday morning. Fifty Classmates gathered over the weekend.  Dan Meyer won the award for first registration and most great grandchildren. Door prizes were homemade or created by classmates.  Silent Auction items were also purchased or handmade by classmates. Music was by Self DJ, Scott Pristel of Peshtigo. A Memorial Donation will purchase a tree or bush for the environmental trail behind the Coleman high school. Guests were teachers: Ms (Weinbrecher) Williamson and spouse, Henry; David Bloch and spouse, Shirley; and Leo Heiptas and spouse Mary Karen.  Ann Wilting Darrow and Dennis Krejcarek were the co-chairs of the event.  Patti Thomson Carrier and Carole Stodola Disparti created the unique 60's table decorations.  A movie of 2009 and 2014 reunion pictures showed throughout the evening. Classmates skyped in to John Voelker of Columbia Falls, MT, as well as teleconferencing with Mary Jane Evans Jefferies of Archer Florida. Unique placemats of previous years reunion pictures also decorated each place setting.  Trivia questions created discussion amongst the classmates, jogging memories.  Plans for future reunions will be discussed.  Class website is

50th Class Reunion - August 15th, 2014 -- 100 years of graduating classes at Coleman!!

Dennis Krejcarek - Co Chair, Bill Mongin and Jeanne Walters Harper met in early January.  We had input from Ann Wilting Darrow - Co Chair, Retha Bunker Wallmer, Patti Thomsen Carrier and Jon Carlson. We were the 50th class to graduate of Coleman High School.  We updated the Memorials, Email addresses and are busy calling classmates who have not yet signed up 0.+to get updated postal address, email and phone numbers.  Please join us Friday night at Bob and Bev Mongin's bar & restaurant - CARL DUROCHER will be there just from 6 to 8!! Please come  - CHEERS in the old dime store building in Coleman.  Saturday morning we will take a tour of Coleman high, lunch at the Station House and then prepare for the Reunion at Best Western in Marinette - there is a 4:00 Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes for Catholic classmates and we have a number of faith services on Sunday for other classmates.  5:00 you can view the Archives of a number of your classmates, watch a video and share in the hors d'oeuvre of fresh vegetables, cheese and cracker plates and meatballs - then 6 is our Group picture 6:15 Memorial Service - Remember Me for our deceased classmates (if you want to light one of the candles, please let me know for which classmate) and 6:30 family style dinner. We have a short program with awards for a variety of things (longest distance, first time attendees, etc).  A Self DJ system will be playing all the 50's and 60's music of our grade school and high school years.  Bring your list of FAVORITE songs and we will create our own list of music to play.  Also there is Karaoke for those who remember music class with Mr. Valenti or for those who remember the words of our  music (or not -- the words play in front of you :).  Those who want to listen can, as well as those who want to dance can!  Just enjoy yourself and the memories.  

Your Questionnaire and Registration form are attached on this website and will be forth coming in postal mail in February.  More Later....send IDEAS -- your committee is listening! 

August 16th, 2014 - 50th Year Reunion

Coleman Class of 1964  - 50th Reunion

Weekend Aug 15th -16th, 2014

$30 per person  (meal of chicken & tenderloin tips, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, California Blend vegetables, tossed salad, roll, coffee/tea/milk, decorations, postage, booklet, placemats, printing, button name tags, misc expenses &self dj)

At  Best Western Marinette WI

1821 Riverside Ave  800-338-3305 Call for Room Reservations Reunion Group Rate $89.

FRIDAY – Fish Fry at CHEERS 108 East Main St – Coleman (Bob n Bev Mongin’s) 920 -897-2420 (Old Dime Store)

SATURDAY 11 a.m. Coleman School Tour followed by

Lunch at Station House - 131 Business 141 N Coleman, WI 54112 (920) 897-2270

 5:00 Social Reception (fresh vegetables, cheese plate, meatballs) – Archives

 6:00 Group Reunion Picture  by James Plansky                6:30 family style meal

Attending Teachers/Spouse: Leo Hieptas, David Block, Lillian Weinbrecher

Teacher Unable to attend: Ransom "Buck" Rhode

For Pre-Registration & Questionnaire & to view Memorials Go to:

Visit our 14 Deceased Classmate's Memorials!

PLEASE send me at your comments about any of the deceased class members -- share your memories of our friends: Sandy Risner, Bobbie Rysewyk, Charlie Keshemberg, Allen Patz, Larry Charapata, Anita Cisler Pavlos, Julian Fenendael, Josie Sincere Geimer, Pat Stank Champagne, James "Spike" Bergeron, Suzanne Hoida Martens, Jerry Boerschinger, John Piencikowski, and Shirley Sokol Paris. --- I will copy and paste your comments and memories into the appropriate Memorial.  Thanks to Ann Wilting Darrow for the idea.   THANKS ANN!  Great Idea!

53 Classmates as of  11 p.m.August 14th will attend Friday and/or Saturday of our 2014 Reunion:

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Bill Mongin, Bob Mongin, Jeanne Walters, Dan Meyer, Ann Wilting,  Dennis Krejcarek, Darrol Krejcarek, Deanne Krejcarek, Patti Thomson, Norman Bastian,   Kathy Olson,  Tom Rhode, Matt Sokol, Carol Stodola,   Pat Behrend,  Janet Jensen,  Gary Baenen,  Allen Lesperance, Russell Martens, Bob Mongin, David Rakowski,  Dennis Rysewyk, Harold and Mary (Jackson) Peterson,

FRIDAY ONLY:  Kay Gabriel, Donna Guenther, Carl Durocher,  Jean Martens, Jerry Shevy, 

SATURDAY ONLY:  Retha Bunker,  Jon Carlson, Jerry Champagne,  Betty Cudnohufsky,  Stephen Glass, Ken Martens for Suzanne Hoida, Carol Jean Holley,   Jeanne Kalbes, Sharon Klatkiewicz,  Cathy Konop, Steve Kovensky,  Joanne Krause, Jay Krause,  Pat Krause, Cynthia Kuchta, Pat Stibbe, Ray Podoski, Ron Lepianka, Gloria Maloney, Eleanore Patz, Gordon Patz, Sharon Pillath, Louise White, Karen Will, Joe Zubko-Meskatitis, Leo Heiptas, David Bloch, Lillian Williamson

Unable to attend: Kathy Gendron for Bob Rysewyk, Ransom "Buck" Rhode, Kathy Schneider, Nancy VanDrisse, Harvey Kostreva, Jim Tachick, Carl Semrau,  Bernie Woulf, August Shevy, Lorraine Sadowski, Gloria Lesperance, Elaine Payette, Arlene Maskewit, John Voelker, Sue Hoida & Rich Sadowski, Violet Vondross, Darlene Kalbes, Bernie Woulf, Carol Kostreva, Bob Bader, Gail Bancroft,  Pam Harley, Ted Rydell, Bob Ermis, Carol Hanrahan, Mary Jane Evans, Don Champagne, Barbara Lentz, Clifford Lentz, Simon Nowak

CONTACT INFO NEEDED for 2014:  *postal address, email, phone

  Michael Brietenfeldt - moved from Suring WI                

Click on MEMBERS or PHOTO GALLERY or MEMORIALS and read the responses from your fellow classmates                                                                                                                                

49 Classmates EMAIL Addresses as of 6-7-2014






Allen Lesperance


Ann Wilting Darrow


Bernie (Woulf) Larson


Bill Mongin


Bob Bader


Carl Durocher   or


Carl Semrau


Carol Jean Holley


Carol Kostreva Kelly


Carole Stodola Disparti


Cathy Konop Menard


Cynthia Kuchta Maahs


Dan Meyer Class of 1964


Darrol Krejcarek


Darlene Kalbes Komorous


David Rakowski


Dennis Krejcarek


Dennis Rysewyk


Donna Guenther Reif


Eleanore Patz Gusick


Harold Peterson


Janet Jansen Lueck


Jay Krause   or


Jeanne Walters Harper


Jim Tachick


Joanne Krause Dodd


Joe Meskatitis


John Voelker


Jon Carlson


Karen Will


Kathy Olson Bader


Louise White Reinhold


Mary (Jackson) Peterson


Matt Sokol


Mary Jane Evans Jeffries


Norman Bastian


Pat Krause Vonderharr


Pam Harley Stack


Pat Behrend Marshall


Patti Thomson Carrier


Retha Bunker Wallman


Rich & Sue Hoida Sadowski


Sharon Klatkiewicz Asplund


Sharon Pillath Miller


Stephen Kovnesky


Ted Rydell


Tom Rhode


Val Cudnoski



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